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Who are we

Deaf Cymru Pride is a Volunteer led Deaf LGBTQIA not-for-profit community group supported by Deaf Hub Wales. We take pride in supporting the Deaf Community in Wales, and our vision is for all LGBTQIA people to be free to live and love without prejudice. We are committed to improving accessibility to all aspects of daily life for Deaf LGBTQIA in Wales and across the UK. Our work and services support all Deaf LGBTQIA people with a focus on eliminating discrimination against disability, gender, race and religious beliefs.

Despite the progression there is with creating equal access to BSL for the Deaf community, the fight is far from over and we in the Deaf community are still suffering. For example, Deaf people are still struggling to access healthcare due to lack of BSL access. We are not fully represented in the countrywide, annual Pride events despite some ground-breaking access in some parts. It is still not enough. We all continue to be overlooked across the LGBTQIA community and we will continue to fight to make positive changes for us all in the events, in the community, society and everywhere.

We are proud to be able to work with organisations such as Deaf Rainbow UK, Deaf Hub Wales, Pride Cymru in a way that can benefits all parts of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Please do contact us if you want to work together, make a change for the better and allow us all to improve accessibility in all aspects of daily life, not just for the Deaf community but for all.




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