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Share your Story

This project was funded by Comic Relief's LGBTQ+ COVID-19 Recovery Fund, in partnership with METRO Charity and Umbrella Cymru.
We have asked some people from the Deaf LGBTQIA community in Wales to share their stories about what it is like to live their lives as member of LGBTQIA, finding out about them having access to LGBTQIA information growing up, whether they had access to what they needed, how did they knew what their sexuality was and what supports network did they have?

Members of the Deaf community often struggle to access information, especially when most of it is not available in BSL. It is important to explore the topic of our own sexuality, learn about each others experiences and allow the Deaf and LGBTQIA communities to experience a world that is as equally accessible to them as it is to hearing, heterosexual people.

Our first coming out stories will be uploaded soon. Watch this space!




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