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Deaf Hub Wales

Deaf Cymru Pride is being supported by Deaf Hub Wales by allowing us to form our charity under them, without their supports it wouldn’t be possible for us to become who we are today. 

As the cultural & social home of Deaf people in South Wales for many generations, we proudly maintain our ethos of being the safe space for all Deaf people. Working in partnership with a wide range of community groups & other deaf led organisations, Deaf Hub Wales in opportunities and access to services focusing on improving the quality of Deaf people’s lives. We aim to break down barriers, whilst supporting everyone to reach their full potential. Our partners include Cardiff Deaf sport & social group, Cardiff Deaf Creative Hands, Deaf Cymru Pride, BDA and many more.

Deaf Rainbow UK

We aim to provide information and resources for Deaf LGBTIQA+ people, along with everyone else! LGBTIQA+ community have endured oppression and harassment for years, and still do. Deaf LGBTIQA+ people are an even smaller minority with an added layer of audism; this lead to the Deaf LGBTIQA+ UK Facebook group, which is still running. A whole bunch of Deaf LGBTIQA+ people got together, and created a website, and now here we are! Find out more about the work we have done so far at http://deafrainbowuk.org.uk/achievements/.

Pride Cymru

Pride Cymru is a volunteer-led charity that works to promote the elimination of discrimination be it on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender, race, religion or ability.

We are committed to campaigning for equality and acceptance of diversity within our communities. We recognise and celebrate the contributions made by LGBT+ people in society and we continue our work to create opportunities for LGBT+ people around Wales to connect and support each other. Pride Cymru is committed to promoting and raising awareness of the issues affecting the LGBT+ community as we want our society to be free from hate crime, discrimination and prejudice.

As well as our annual Pride event which looks to connect the LGBT+ community physically, we work throughout the year to increase engagement between different parts of the LGBT+ community so that we can support each other and grow as a united and empowered part of society. We are proud to be able to work with organisations such as Glitter Cymru, Bi Cymru, Victim Support, Deaf Cymru Pride and the Deaf Hub Wales in a way that can benefit all parts of the LGBT+ community.


Listed below is all the supporters/organisation that we have applied funding from, their supports means so much to Deaf Cymru Pride and without them we wouldn’t be the organisation we are today.

Metro/Comic Relief and Rainbow Cymru

The LGBTQ+ COVID-19 Fund is funded by Comic Relief, and METRO Partnership with Umbrella Cymru is the lead intermediary partner distributing these funds to the sector. The Fund is for LGBTQ+ community-led organisations and groups to support their vital role in supporting LGBTQ+ communities through the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

National Lottery Community Fund Wales

Our priority is to keep money flowing to support communities across Wales. We're open to all applications that meet our criteria, including support during COVID-19. We are also working closely with WCVA and other funders to ensure we are forming the best support for Welsh communities.

We believe people should be in the lead when improving their lives and communities. Our approach focuses on the skills and energy people can draw upon and the potential in their ideas. We are asking what matters to communities, not what’s the matter with them.

Consortium LGBT+

Consortium, in partnership with circa 20 LGBT+ organisations who are working across intersectional identities, have secured a Development Grant from the National Lottery Community Fund. We are bringing together data, information and resources which help construct a brand-new LGBT+ Intersections Fund specifically for user-led LGBT+ organisations working with some under-represented and targeted communities. During this phase these are LGBT+ organisations focused on: Deaf and Disabled People; Black, Asian and Minoritised Ethnic communities; Older People; Trans and Non-Binary communities; and Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans Women.




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