Deaf Cymru Pride Second Virtual Pride

Deaf Cymru Pride are pleased to announce that we will be having our second Virtual Pride online week!

Our Pride events will be held online across our social media channels, as well as this brand new website, and we are excited to show you all what will be on this year!

Deaf Cymru Pride new website launching with big thanks to Ben Glover

Ben Glover (he/him) is a gay web and video designer. He has designed and managed websites for a variety of clients over several years ranging from businesses of all types to creative arts. Alongside his web design work, he is also a video designer producing work for theatre, festivals and social media. A portfolio of his work can be visited at:

We hired him for our exciting project to create a website for Deaf Cymru Pride and he did an amazing job! We absolutely love this website! Thank you Ben Glover.

Deaf Cymru Pride workshop with NHS Health and Education Board

NHS Health and Education board contacted Deaf Cymru Pride to ask if we could come and give a workshop to the board of NHS Health and Education about the Lives of Deaf LGBTQIA. We were so happy that they approached us about this because it shows that they want to learn more about us and educate themselves.It went successfully and the result has been to create an exciting partnership between Deaf Cymru Pride and NHS Wales to develop something that will go out to all GPs in Wales.

More information to follow soon.

Deaf Cymru Pride won Lottery Fund

Thank you to The National Lottery Community Fund Wales for £8,500 funding to help our community break down barriers for all Deaf LGBTQIA people and including us into the big online week at the end of August Virtual Pride! The funding will also help us to create tremendous awareness about the difficulties that deaf LGBTQIA people go through. It will allow us to better educate all people in this matter.

A huge thank you to everyone who plays the National Lottery for raising this money for good causes like ours.

Much more exciting news to follow very soon!

Intersectionality Fund

We were signposted by Deaf Rainbow UK for this funding and they supported us through the process of applying for the funding, which we have now been offered. This wouldn’t have happened without Deaf Rainbow UK so a massive thank you to them for this!

We went ahead and applied, and later found out that we are one of the minority groups that have won funding! Great news!

Our plan with this funding has not yet been announced.

Sexual Health project

One of our projects we have started working on is Sexual Health information that is available in BSL. We started working with Cardiff Royal Infirmary to collect the information for us to translate to BSL for our website, whilst at the same time working with them and educating them on how they can improve their services for us.

After discussions, they are working on their website to improve it, and are open to further discussions on future improvements.

They have now posted this statement on their website saying:

“If you are a member of the Deaf Community, speak limited English, or are unable to phone, you are welcome to attend the Department of Sexual Health in Cardiff Royal Infirmary during opening hours, Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm (Excluding Bank Holidays).

We are able provide a BSL interpreter or translator who can communicate with your preferred method.”

This is a great step forward from them, and we are still working with them to make any further improvements to their accessibility.

They also gave us all the information to create the content for our website, that allows us to provide brief BSL videos with important details for the community to be aware of.

If you live in Cardiff and are needing to book an appointment for Sexual Health then you can go to:

Royal Infirmary Sexual Health Clinic

Glossop Rd


CF24 0JT

Their opening hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm excluding bank holidays.  

You can go to the reception. Let them know that you are Deaf and would like to book an appointment with a BSL interpreter. They will process that for you.

Deaf Cymru Pride won Funding

Deaf Cymru Pride needed to expand into a much bigger organization, so we decided to apply for funding from the Metro/Comic Relief Covid-19 LGBTQIA Support fund to help us achieve this.

Once we found out that we successfully got the funding we were delighted, knowing that our charity could expand and improve our ability to reach Deaf LGBTQIA people with BSL information on topics such as Gender Identities, Sexual Identities, Sexual Health Signposting and one special project ‘Share your Story’ aiming to allow people to share their story about the journey for them finding out that they are LGBTQIA.

We are so excited to share our process on this huge project!

This wouldn’t be possible without the support of Comic Relief's LGBTQ+ COVID-19 Recovery Fund, in partnership with METRO Charity and Umbrella Cymru.